I have known the Band Lois for quite a while and have taken many shots of them mostly live on stage. They have some shots on their website and Facebook page.

I was commissioned to supply some shots to be used on their EP and Singles covers with a certain idea in mind.

The idea was to have a tea party on a railway line but it had to have a 1940's look to it, the unsuspecting courting couple not knowing of their impending doom from the locomotive behind.

With the help of The Great Central Railway, who just happened to have a real life working steam train we got a few actors together and we did the shoot one cold Sunday morning.

One of the actors had brought a gramophone with him to use as a prop so we got that running and had a surreal hour or so arranging the train and the tea party with Vera Lynn singing in the background.

Not only did we get the shot for the cover but we got a few more in a set of old carriages that they liked enough to go on another record sleeve cover.

This shot became this record cover

This sinister looking one ended up as this record sleeve

Thank's to all involved especially The Great Central Railway for making it all happen.